What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most emotionally and financially difficult events in a persons life. Most of us have heard horror stories about custody battles and protracted litigation, or, perhaps, have experienced this first-hand. As divorce has become, unfortunately, more prevalent, the legal system has struggled with ways to minimize the impact of divorce, […]

Custody & Visitation Issues

How can parents decide on a custody and visitation plan? Parents who separate should have a custody and visitation or parenting plan for deciding how they will share parenting responsibilities. A custody and visitation plan must be in writing and signed by both parties and a judge to be enforceable. What if parents cannot agree […]

Are You Sure You Want to Divorce?

So you finally decided that you truly want to divorce from your “supposedly” life partner. The relationship has deteriorated to a point of no return and you want out. While married, you lived like an ordinary married life. You had children — you participated in their activities; you helped with homework, you volunteered for the […]

Personal Injury Settlement and Divorce

You and your spouse gain assets and liabilities throughout your marriage. Unfortunately, if you decide to get divorced, you have to discuss clearly who gets what. Everything you have purchased, received, or saved while you are still living together should be divided accordingly. When this time comes, you should be ready to sit down with […]